Sri Sai Krish Institute offers you fully comprehensive Associate Degree Nursing Program and Vocational Nursing program to kickstart your career.
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Hi my name is Joaquin. I want to give you a glimps into what my journey to becoming a licensed nurse in 12 short months.

In 2013, I was enrolled to Sri Sai Krish for CNA and in that same year I received my license to be a nurse assistant on my first attempt so I was very pleased which the education I received. This is the time I started working and saving to become a licensed nurse because I knew I wanted more I wanted to give back to the community, and that’s just what I did I waited for Sri Sai Krish to start the LVN program and sure enough they did and I jumped at the opportunity to be enrolled into the class. When I received the tour of the campus I was so ready to start school, the campus is brand new with all new equipment and new computers and a big classroom with new desks and new mannequins to practice all the nursing skills I need to know for the real world of nursing . The school started and I received a new uniform and class badge with my new nursing equipment i.e. My pen light and scissors for my assessment I also received top notch education from knowledgeable teachers such as Ms Vijay, Ms Edel, Ms Joesie, Mr Sam, and Dr. Uy, all great and enthusiastic teachers. All wanting to help reach the goal I set out to reach in becoming a nurse. Well once I started my education in 2015 I started the school year I I laughed and I cried and I worked hard to make sure I passed my exams and by the end I felt defeated but if nursing was easy everybody would do it but I couldn’t quit. I told myself I needed to finish not just for my family but for myself. To prove to myself, I was going to better myself and change my the path in my life that I was in and that’s exactly what I did I finished and I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of Ms. Vijay and all the wisdom she has to offer. By the end, I graduated with the class of 2016 and I took my NCLEX exam and in the exam I stoped at 85 questions. I learned the following week I passed the exam. I just felt new doors and opportunities open up in my life.

This is my testimony for Sri Sai Krish a great school with great education and I don’t regret anything I can’t thank the school enough for all that it has done for me it really changed my life. I’m now employed as a nurse and I’m so proud to say I’m a nurse from Sri Sai Krish Institute of Nursing.