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Medical Billing & Coding Program

720 clock hours; 47 Credit units Certificate Program

Program Description:
Medical Insurance Billing and Coding professionals perform a variety of administrative health information functions, including those associated with organizing, analyzing, and technically evaluating health insurance claim forms and coding diseases, surgeries, medical procedures, and other therapies for billing and collection.


The objective of the Medical Billing and Coding Program is to provide the student with the appropriate didactic theory and hands-on skills necessary to prepare them for entry-level positions as medical insurance billers and coders in today’s health care offices, clinics, and facilities. Students will study diagnostic and procedural terminology as it relates to the accurate completion of medical insurance claims. Utilizing a format of medical specialties, relevant terms will also be introduced and studied.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Collect and maintain health data.
  • Analyze health records to ensure that documentation supports the patient’s diagnosis and procedures, reflects progress, clinical findings and discharge status.
  • Request patient-specific documentation from other sources
  • Apply clinical vocabularies and terminologies used in the organization’s health information systems.
  • Evaluate the accuracy and completeness of the patient record as defined by organizational policy and external regulations and standards.
  • Monitor compliance with organization-wide health record documentation guidelines.
  • Report compliance findings according to organizational policy.
  • Utilize electronic applications to support clinical classification and coding (for example, encoders).
  • Assign secondary diagnosis procedure codes using CPT coding/ HCPCS codes /ICD-9-CM official coding guidelines.
  • Identify discrepancies between coded data and supporting documentation.
  • Consult reference materials to facilitate code assignment.
  • Validate the data collected for appropriate reimbursement.
  • Comply with the National Correct Coding Initiative.
  • Verify the National and Local Coverage Determination (NCD/LCD) for medical necessity.

The method by which these objectives and the mission of the institution fulfilled will be achieved through direct instruction, lecture and practicum. The Instructor provides assistance by integrating technology into instruction and emphasizes student-centered learning and by placing more responsibility on the students to take the initiative for meeting the demands of various learning tasks.